Should you upgrade from Canon 70D to Sony A7III

Should you upgrade from Canon 70D to Sony A7III?

The short answer is it all depends, but I really want to...

The Canon 70D is an excellent beginners DSLR camera with many features such as a flip out screen and an impressive 1.040k dot display. It has also dropped in price due to its age being released in late 2013. With its age, it is starting to show some wrinkles. It does not support 4k video resolution, weighs 755 grams, poor low light support, and has 19 percent fewer pixels then the next camera I am going to talk about.

Fast forward to 2018 and the Sony A7III runs over the Canon 70D, being a significant upgrade in terms of specs. This thinner and lighter(650g) DSLR sports a full frame CMOS sensor at 24 megapixels, ISO ranging from 100-51200,10 fps shooting, and 4k video resolution. The Sony A7III can also handle 120 fps high frame rate video recording for slow-motion footage. Users on the web have also reported very good battery life compared to older and bulkier DSLR cameras. The one con that the new Alpha A7III does have is pricing. As of now they are selling for $2,000 on the web. When compared to the $600-$1000 pricing of the 70D this can be a bit tough to swallow, especially for those who are buying their first camera.

Despite this price gap mentioned above, if you are planning on an upgrade from a lower end DSLR or buying your first DSLR I would still recommend the A7III. It truly is cutting edge in terms of performance and the pricing is justified. The Canon 70D is becoming outdated and buying one now will not be a good investment for the future. If you have the money, I would recommend going with the Sony A7III. If you want more information on the Sony A7III I highly recommend watching the embedded YouTube video from FroKnowsPhoto & Subscribing to their channel!

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