Videography Services


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. With a video, you can tell an entire story in just a few short minutes. A great video is more than just a collective series of images, it's a story. Whether you want to tell the story of your band, a business, or communicate your plans, goals, visions or dreams for the future, a video can speak far more eloquently than some of the greatest orators.


Very little will boost your band to the next level like a great concept video. A concept video isn't a great concept video unless it is creative, unique, and reflects the band's individual style and flavor. Scioli Design works with bands to develop a concept that not only helps communicate the underlying elements of the song, but also delivers an additional storyline all on its own in a way that is individualistic and stylized to the band's overall brand. I want to help you create a video that will get watched and watched again, helping boost your single up into the stratosphere or land you that major label record deal you've been working so hard to land. Even if you are just looking for a more simplistic performance video to showcase your music, Scioli Design has you covered.



Videos are also a great way to create hype or buzz around your brand or business. Whether you are announcing a new product, have a great promotion in the works or unveiling an entirely new brand, promotional videos can spark discussion and create excitement for your new product or project. From new real estate development projects to new product launches to the release of your new album, promotional videos can help make your lunch a resounding success.


Documentary videos are an enormously valuable tool for a wide variety of projects. A documentary video is a great way to communicate your great idea for a crowdfunding project, show the value and importance of the work your non-profit or social mission does or even inspire employees with your vision for the future of your company. You can also create a documentary to honor someone you respect, admire or love at a special event held in their honor. Whatever story you want to tell or whatever goal you hope to achieve with video, I can help you do it.



Some of the most special moments in your life only happen once. While photos may capture a moment in time, a video captures your greatest memories in a far more full and meaningful way. Whether you want a moving memento of your engagement, corporate event, retirement party, bar or bat mitzvah or sweet 16 party, I can create a unique and personalized video to capture all of your most special memories. Event videos help you relive the moments and give you the freedom to watch it again and again.


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