Professional photography can help your personal and professional brand stand out and be more impactful with high-quality imagery. Scioli Design offers many forms of professional photography such as portraits, musician & band photography, event photography, product & commercial photography, and more!


Portrait photography covers a diverse mixture of styles for a wide variety of purposes and audiences. From new headshots for your LinkenIn profile to high-quality street fashion style shots, Scioli Design can capture you in the perfect light!

Whether you are a model or just looking to expand your personal brand, professional portraits are a great way to bolster your portfolio and keep your public image up to date. In the age of online business and digital marketing, it is vital for professionals to have a high-quality imagery representing the facade of their brands.

Event Photography

Event photography covers everything from corporate parties, fundraisers, and groundbreakings to social events like weddings and reunions. The purpose of the photographs is the same: to capture, cultivate, and share memories. From the corporate perspective, this type of promotional photography is great for newsletters, advertising, and reports. Event photos are usually done in a photojournalistic “candid” style, but staged portrait style shots may be included as well.


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