What is Scioli Design?

Scioli Design is the facade of my personal design portfolio. My name is Mike, I use my knowledge of graphic design, photography, web design, videography, and motion graphics to fuel my creative ventures.

Web Design   /   Photography   /   Graphic Design   /   Videography   /   And More!

Recent Blogs

My First Photoshoot with the OnePlus 2

Photos Taken with OnePlus 2 & Edited In Adobe Lightroom For too long I was walking around with a broken Galaxy S4 that had a terribly...

Trip To Princeton

Trip To Princeton University 5/8/16 I originally had plans to take a trip to New York, NY with @JohnBThomasPhotography and @Ovxre, however this trip was...

Its Gonna Be May (My First Vlog)

I have always wanted to add video editing/creating to my list of skills. Now that I have been getting involved more with photography and other...

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